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Posted By Kevin Cadora

All too often in family law proceedings, parties and their attorneys allow their emotions to control the direction the case proceeds, which always ends in the same way with the parties' lives and their children's lives in ruin both emotionally and financially while the attorneys sit back and collect tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees.  What most people do not know and what many family law attorneys fail to tell their clients is that family court is not a court of law where there is always a winner and a loser like in a criminal case or an auto accident lawsuit.  Family court is a court of equity which is founded on principals of fairness, equality and best interest.  Family Court has no winners or losers; just degrees of losing because even if you as a party think you won a custody case or a property dispute, your children, your bottom line, and/or your relationship with the other parent will be negatively impacted by the result regardless of what you may think and/or feel about the outcome.  

Posted By Kevin Cadora

Lawyers are salespeople because we sell our expertise and our time. We do not sell guarantees and you should run away from any attorney who guarantees an outcome because no matter the facts of a case or the law you believe is in your favor, the only one who controls the outcome of your case is the judge and they sometimes don't get it right. Ive seen judges make orders completely contrary to the law knowing full well the parties do not have the money or expertise to successfully appeal the decision. So guarantees from lawyers are a clear indication of a bad attorney. It is also unethical for attorneys to guarantee an outcome based upon our rules of professional conduct so don't buy into the bull and beware the guarantee gremlin.

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