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The Tragic Loss of a Great Friend

Posted By Kevin Cadora

On October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas Nevada at the Route 91 concert between 10:05 PM and 10:15 PM, 58 people were murdered and 546 injured by a lunatic who had no regard for anything.  One of those lost in this tragedy that will live on forever in our minds was Jennifer Topaz Irvine.  Jen was not just a great attorney who was my associate as well as my firm’s of counsel attorney, Jen was my friend who I loved like a little sister.

Is Your Kid Stressed Out By Your Divorce? Look for the Warning Signs

A divorce is going to put stress on every member of your family, right down to your children. In many instances, kids get stressed out about a divorce more than the parents. The trouble is that they often don’t let that show. Teenagers especially will hide their emotions, put on a strong face, or simply become reclusive to avoid confrontation. Parents who are focused on getting through the legalities of a divorce can understandably miss the warning signs that their children are actually concealing inner turmoil and need some guidance.

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