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Summary Dissolution – The Easy Divorce

Not all divorces require that you and your spouse go to court to reach an amicable divorce settlement. If you and your spouse are on relatively good terms, then you should consider a summary dissolution, as it is the most efficient way to become legally divorced following California’s brief six-month waiting period. Because summary dissolution require that you and your spouse are in complete agreement regarding the major components of your divorce agreement, it is vital that you speak with a legal representative that understands California divorce law. At Fair Cadora, our family law attorneys want to help you move onto the next stage of your life and have helped hundreds of couples through the summary dissolution process.

Summary Dissolution Qualifications

If you meet certain criteria and have the cooperation of your spouse, you may qualify for a streamlined divorce process called Summary Dissolution.

You must provide proof of residency for at least six months to file a summary dissolution in California. Some other requirements in the State of California include:

  • You must have been married for five years or less
  • There are no minor children of the marriage
  • Neither party is pregnant
  • Neither party owns land or buildings
  • There is less than $6,000 in debt accumulated during the marriage
  • Your community property is worth $47,000 or less
  • Neither party has separate property (other than cars) worth more than $47,000

Trustworthy Legal Advice

The above information is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal advice. There are various other requirements that come with a summary dissolution that need to be addressed prior to filing your case. By discussing your case with one our lawyers, we can help ensure that you are meeting California’s strict dissolution standards.

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At Fair Cadora, we understand that family law cases can be overwhelming and stressful. The attorney you choose can make or break your case. That’s why we offer case evaluations to all potential clients. We want you to have the chance to connect with us and gain your trust, without added pressure. During a case evaluation, we will review the details of your case and provide you with an honest assessment of your legal options. This allows our clients to make informed decisions about their case. We believe that offering case evaluations is an essential part of our commitment to providing high-quality legal representation to the San Diego community.