The Truth About “Guaranteed” Lawyers: They’re Salespeople, Not Guarantors of Justice

Lawyers who are true guardians of justice face a common problem: skilled sales-lawyers or salespeople working on behalf of lawyers. But hold on, don’t let that statement deter you from seeking legal counsel when needed. This blog post will delve deeper into why some lawyers are, in essence, salespeople and why you should run for the hills if an attorney ever guarantees a specific outcome for your case.

Lawyers as Salespeople

The notion that lawyers are salespeople might raise a few eyebrows, but it’s an undeniable truth. However, it’s crucial to understand what lawyers are selling and what they are not. Lawyers do not peddle guarantees; they sell their expertise and their time. This distinction is critical for anyone seeking legal representation.

Selling Expertise

When you hire a lawyer, you are essentially purchasing their knowledge, skills, and experience. They are your legal guides, navigating the complex maze of laws and regulations on your behalf. Just as a skilled salesperson knows their product inside out, lawyers are well-versed in the intricacies of the law.

Selling Time

Time is a lawyer’s most valuable commodity. Legal battles can be lengthy and time-consuming, and the hours spent on your case are part of what you’re paying for. Lawyers invest their time in researching, drafting documents, attending court hearings, and negotiating on your behalf.

Why Guarantees Are a Red Flag

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – guarantees. If a lawyer ever promises a specific outcome for your case, it should set off alarm bells. Here’s why:

Judges Hold the Power

In the legal world, the ultimate decision-maker is the judge. Regardless of how strong your case may seem or how convinced you are of the law being on your side, the judge’s ruling is the final word. Judges are human, and like all humans, they can make mistakes. They can misinterpret the law, overlook evidence, or simply reach a decision that defies logic.

Guarantees and Unethical Conduct

Beyond the unpredictability of judicial decisions, making guarantees in the legal profession is considered unethical. Lawyers are bound by strict codes of professional conduct, and promising outcomes goes against these rules. Ethical attorneys understand that they cannot control the final judgment of a case, and they are obligated to act with integrity.

The Guarantee Gremlin

Think of guarantees from lawyers as warning signs. The “guarantee gremlin” should raise suspicions because it suggests that the attorney is either ignorant of legal realities or willing to cut ethical corners to secure your business. A lawyer who guarantees an outcome might be more interested in your money than your case’s merits.


In the world of law, lawyers are indeed salespeople, but their wares are expertise and time, not guaranteed outcomes. Trustworthy attorneys understand the limitations of their profession and will never promise what they can’t deliver. So, when seeking legal representation, remember to steer clear of those who offer guarantees, and be wary of the guarantee gremlin. Your pursuit of justice deserves a lawyer who will fight for you ethically, tirelessly, and without empty promises.