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Posted By Kevin Cadora

Crazy. Nuts. Delusion. These are terms we hear everyday in our business and the reality is often much worse. Emotionally fragile people often spiral out of control and become worse and self medicate as a result of a pending divorce. We have seen meth induced psychosis turn into a party lighting their face on fire in front of the children in an attempt to keep the relationship together. We have seen paranoid schizophrenics, believing themselves to be Jesus, kidnap children thinking they were protecting them from the Devil. Worse yet we have seen an emotionally and mentally ill person light their own children on fire in order to hurt their estranged spouse. If you feel that a spouse is mentally or emotionally unstable and may hurt themselves, you or worse yet, your kids, take every precaution to protect yourself and your children and call us immediately to get the guidance you need.

Posted By Kevin Cadora

Guess what friends? No matter what is going on in your case, you will lose. Children will be impacted, you will always pay too much support or receive too little, and property is divided sometimes unequally. So who are the winners in Family Court you ask? The lawyers of course. Family Law attorneys love conflict because more conflict means more fees that will come out of your paycheck, bank account, credit cards, even the equity in your home. I have had clients spend tens of thousands of dollars arguing over a $20 plant because of the emotional attachment. So the next time you want to fight over who gets the fichus plant or the dogs or the silverware, remember that we the attorneys are the only winners in Family Court. Moral of the story is come to the table, compromise and put ink to paper so you can keep your life savings or your kids' college tuition because attorneys will not hesitate to take all of it from you. Contact our firm if you are interested in learning more about settling cases sooner and cheaper.

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