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During your marriage, you and your spouse acquire various possessions that often hold sentimental or momentary value. In a divorce or legal separation, the division of assets and property can often lead to conflict and aggression especially in high asset divorces.  At Fair Cadora, we have been assisting clients for over 25 years with the process of property division and have the patience and understanding necessary to expedite the process. Our team of skilled family law attorneys have the ability to help clients take a step back and begin to work toward an amicable settlement that both parties can agree to. 

Our San Diego divorce attorneys can assist you in the following areas:

  • Real estate valuation and division

  • Business valuation and division

  • Separate Property Reimbursements 

  • Furniture and jewelry division

  • Division of financial accounts

  • Division of pensions and 401ks

  • Life insurance and benefits

  • Inheritance

  • Bankruptcy Issues

  • Debt division

Divorce in California

Property division in California differs from other states due to community property laws. While many people have a basic understanding that during a divorce there is a 50/50 split of all assets, this is not always the case. Furthermore, even if you are going to divide your properly equally, there may be some conflict regarding who receives certain objects, furniture, or real estate.  You need an experienced divorce attorney that can not only defend your interest, but also negotiate on your behalf and assist you in properly categorizing both your assets and debt. At Fair Cadora, our attorneys are meticulous and work diligently to address your various legal needs.

Court Orders & Property Division

While it is always our aim to handle property disputes out of court, there are times in which spouses cannot reach an agreement. If this happens, our experienced litigators at Fair Cadora are here to protect your interest and will stand beside you in court.

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