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There are several factors that come into play when examining spousal support and every case has specific criteria that can alter spousal support. In California, the length of spousal support is not indefinite, as it can be terminated for various reasons.  If you are currently paying spousal support, or are looking into filing for spousal support, the first step in the process is retaining one of our attorneys. At Fair Cadora, we have handled hundreds of cases involving spousal support and know how to maximize your potential for a positive judgment.

Determining Spousal Support

As previously stated, there are different factors that can affect spousal support. To understand how each factor will impact your case, it’s in your best interest to speak to an attorney so that they can properly assess your situation. 

Some factors examined when determining spousal support include:

  • Length of the marriage

  • Standard of living during the marriage

  • Employment status

  • Age of the parties

  • Health of the Parties

  • Domestic Violence

  • Assets & Debts of the parties

Once spousal support has been established, there are situations in which the support can be terminated early. If the party getting spousal support gets remarried, you should speak with an attorney to look into ending your spousal support obligation.  In some cases, our  lawyers may be able to negotiate an alternative to the monthly spousal support payments and instead provide a one-time lump sum.  To determine how spousal support will affect your specific case, you should organize a meeting with one of our lawyers. We have helped thousands of clients obtain a favorable outcome and can work with you to increase your chances of a beneficial spousal support judgment.

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