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Posted By Kevin Cadora

Child custody litigation is some of the most emotional and costly litigation in family law for obvious reasons, namely the fact that most parents love their children more than anything and cannot bear the thought of being apart from them.  Child custody litigation becomes even more emotional, costly and complex if the primary custodial parent seeks to move the child outside of California. 

Posted By Kevin Cadora

When it comes to divorce, California is a “no fault” state which means that no matter the reason parties get a divorce, a spouse is NOT entitled to “damages” for things such as abandonment or adultery.  In fact, married couples in California can get divorced simply by having “irreconcilable differences” which basically means someone wants out of the marriage. 

Now, bear in mind that just because California is a “no fault” state in terms of divorce, spouses still owe a “fiduciary duty” to one another which is the highest legal duty someone can have to someone else.  With this fiduciary duty owed to your spouse comes the right and obligation to be completely transparent with one another about the finances of the marriage. 

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