Here are the Different Types of Representation in a San Diego Divorce Case

What does our motto, divorce done differently, mean?  This is a question that often comes up in conversations with potential clients, and the answer is quite simple… Fair Cadora provides services uniquely catered to what the client actually needs and wants, with an overall objective of settling the case before fighting it out in court.

Litigators vs. Mediators

Many law firms fall into two categories; litigators and mediators, and both categories have their pros and cons.  Litigation is by far the most expensive type of representation, and while mediation is always an excellent option, some cases do not warrant mediation or are simply not the type of case where mediation would be helpful.  Fair Cadora takes it a step further by offering two additional types of representations that can be useful to many people going through a family law matter.

San Diego Family Consulting Attorneys

The first type of representation is consulting work.  Often times when one party hires an attorney, especially in family court, the other side immediately becomes nervous and hires their own attorney when the case may not warrant the hiring of attorneys.  Cases where the parties are close in terms of a resolution or where there are few issues are prime examples of when parties may not need an attorney.

That is where a consulting attorney might work best for you.  Specifically, when Fair Cadora consults with a client, we prepare all paperwork under the client’s name, provide legal advice in terms of settlement and strategy and even go so far as to coach the client it what to say during property division and child custody negotiations.  Consulting provides clients a way to have an attorney at their disposal without letting the other side know, which can have huge advantages, such as settling the case with little to no additional money and heartache costs.

Divorce Documentation Preparation

The second type of representation is document preparation, where the firm prepares all documents according to the client’s instructions.  The Fair Cadora Law Firm offers paralegals to assist parties with the completion of their forms while also providing the client with the correct forms to fill out.  Document preparation is a cost-effective way for parties to complete their paperwork, knowing it has been done correctly for the court’s review.  Document preparation is also much less expensive than hiring an attorney to do the work for them.

So the next time someone is thinking of hiring an attorney for a family law attorney, remember that Fair Cadora has many options for clients, and we tailor the representation to meet the client’s needs and wants.  Contact Fair Cadora today to learn more.